• BOPP Thermal film of company YIDU Group Co. LTD used for thermal laminating

BOPP film is a smooth, transparent thermally stabilised polypropylene film, of two - sided orientation, with a glue layer thermally activated. Characterized by good adhesion to prints immediately after lamination, which facilitates quality control and undergoing other processing procedures. Does not contain solvents and does not cause fire risk, and laminated printout is clear and of high quality. Due to the process of laminating glossy or matt print finishing is achieved, details and colours are brought out and material is safeguarded against mechanical and chemical factors, humidity etc.
BOPP film is used for laminating printed sheets of paper, carton, synthetic paper and printed film and also for good quality papers and cartons. Laminating rough surfaces gives them an excellent smoothness and glossy effect.
Appropriate laminating requires at least 24 - hour drying of sheets after printing. Paper sheets covered with wax, silicone varnish or strongly powdered are not suitable for laminating. Laminating should be carried out in the temperature range from 100 - 130 centigrade and it is recommended to programme the process of laminating depending on the material to be laminated. To achieve a good result, the temperature, pressure and speed of laminating must be carefully selected.

Available types of films: BOPP Thermal Film Clear
BOPP Thermal Film Matte
- glossy
- matt
thickness 30 µm
thickness 33 µm
Standard diameter of sleeve: 76 mm    
Standard length of roll: 2500 m    
Width of roll: 350 mm do 700 mm    

Unit package: 2500 m - roll    

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