Many paper products owe their final form to such special glues like Eukalin glues. Since 1905 the glues have been used in virtually all sectors of paper processing industry. They are as individual as the plurality of their utilisation is. High quality and stability of Eukalin glues result from advanced research and development processes which guarantee diagnosing and precise determination of disposable period of gluing. The works supported by modern methods of analysing and testing directly lead to establishing most appropriate and reliable formula of product designed for individual and specific applications.
Eukalin glues are composed and produced having in mind environmental protection. They meet any and all requirements of European norms in this field. Another characteristic features typical of the glues are profitable and safe use of particular products. Range of applications of special Eukalin glues:

  • Glues for bookbinding

Industrial book production: Spreading glue: initial glue and basic/main glue. Gluing endpapers, folding - type gluing. Gluing headbands. Hanging.
Industrial brochure production: Spreading dispersion glue: initial and basic glue (main). Spreading thermoplastic glue: slow and high speed machines. Uncoated papers. Papers for special non - stitch binding.
Magazine and catalogue production: High speed machines. Side gluing. Gluing bulk of book onto the cover (Swiss brochure).

  • Glues for packaging

Medium- and high - speed machines.

  • Glues for cardboard package production

Cover boxes - machine spreading. High quality cardboard boxes - manual and machine spreading. Contents of cardboard box inserts, gratings. Gluing joints, laminating, gluing openings.

  • Glues for folded cardboard boxes production

Corrugated board. Gray cardboard. Coated cardboard. Cardboard coated with dispersion varnish. Cardboard varnished with UV varnish. AL coated cardboard. PE coated cardboard. Gluing openings.

  • Glues for packaging works

Automatic machines for filling in and closing - non-varnished paper or card - board materials, varnished or laminated bag packages. Closing folded boxes. Container packaging. Closing cartons. Labelling cartons. Addressing automatic machines. Packaging of reams. Safeguarding pallets.

  • Glues for envelope production

Gluing film openings. Side gluing with respect to lower cover. Office and file envelopes close in wet NK. Self - adhesive envelops SK. Self - adhesive envelopes with a strip (HK).

  • Glues for form sets production

Head gluing. Lengthwise gluing. Crosswise gluing. Gluing plastic film. Fugitive gluing (peeling glue). Gluing bulks of books.

  • Glues for production of mailings and advertising materials

Folding based gluing. Gluing card on. Gluing cards. Gluing on carrying tapes. Gluing cheque cards. Gumming. Glueing openings on. Gluing surfaces cold bonded. Hot bonding of gluing surfaces. Lengthwise and crosswise gluing, non - contact dot spreading.

  • Glues for labelling

Steel cans and buckets - round lap labelling and band gluing. Plastic containers - cover guarded labelling, PET, PP, PE, PVC containers. Jars and glass containers.

Unit containers: 20 kg, 25 kg
30 kg, 31 kg
1000 kg
- foil sacks, cartons
- plastic buckets
- containers

UNIVERSAL BOOK BINDING GLUE of CR type of Chemicals and Plastics Plant BORYSZEW SA

Universal dispersion glue designed for gluing paper, carton, glue, cork, concrete cloth, and aluminium films. It is a water dispersion of PVA with improvers. Makes elastic, colourless and resistant joint. Rough consumption of glue per 1 square meter is 0.1 to 0.4 kg.

Unit package: 3.4 kg, 6 kg
70 kg
- plastic buckets
- plastic barrel

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