Paste improving printing properties of offset inks and typographic inks by reducing their tack. Thanks to the paste the ink becomes more plastic and less ductile which facilitates the division of ink layer in the ink composition and ink's better transition. Adding GRAFO GEL does not result in any changes of dilution, fluidity and consistency of the ink, it also does not affect its drying process.
The preparation is used for printing offset and printing sheet - fed machines in the amount which does not exceed 10% of the ink's volume.

Unit package: 0.7 kg - metal box


Drier in the form of paste speeding the drying of offset inks in the whole mass. The preparation provides oxygen to dampening element emulsified in ink, drying ink from the inside this way. The drying process goes faster which increases ink's abrasive resistance.
The preparation is recommended for offset sheet printing, especially for the printing with a small level of ink's acceptance by the base or for printing on film, especially for 3% to 5% of ink volume.

Unit package: 1 kg - metal box


Special liquid drier hastening drying and hardening of offset inks, typographic, metallic and fluorescent inks without decreasing their lustre. The preparation is particularly effective in such conditions where other driers fail e.g. while printing on metallic bases, plastic films, materials of low percolation or pH value, dried layers of paint or with amount of water in inks higher than average.
The preparation is used in the amounts not exceeding the percentage values:
Metallic and fluorescent inks:
Colour inks:
Black inks:
to 2% of ink's volume
to 3% of ink's volume
to 4% of ink's volume

Unit package: 1 kg - metal box


The paste reducing ink's tacking and preventing from ink setting off in the stockpile. The usage of the preparation allows printing in high stockpiles and the properties improving the consistence of paint result in its more even spreading and improve smoothness of printouts.
The preparation is used for offset and typographic inks in the amount up to 5% of ink's volume.

Unit package: 1 kg - metal box

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