• MGF FOUNT SOLUTION 1011 F by Italian company MGF s.r.l.

Versatile additive to water operating in a wide range of water hardness, designed for all types of alcohol and conventional water systems of sheet - fed machines. A strong buffer, while printing, maintains a fixed value of pH of the solution in the range from 4.7 to 5.1 depending on the hardness of water. The product prevents from the development of bacteria, fungi and mould in dampening solution. In the concentrated form it remains inactive for half - tone screen layer of the plate.
The preparation is added to dampening solution in the amount from 2 to 3% of the volume, depending on the quality of water. pH of the solution must be checked regularly in order to maintain optimum printing quality.
Special features of product: - quick cleaning of the plate allows a fast start - up of the machine with little amount of waste produced
- perfect transition of ink hastens printing of high resolution
- easy to control and maintain water - ink balance
- drying properties improved by decreasing surface tension of water on the plate
- hydrophilic substances efficiently protect the plate during standstills
- special additions limit production of calcium salts on the rolls and protect all part of the machine against corrosion
Unit package: 10 l, 200 l or larger on request

  • STABILAT 350

Universal water additive used in sheet and roll offset works in a wide range of water hardness. A strong buffer maintains a fixed value of pH while printing. It prevents development of bacteria in dampening systems and foam production. It allows lowering the volume of isopropyllic alcohol in dampening element, non - toxic and fully soluble in water.
Designed for all kinds of alcohols and conventional water systems of sheet - fed and roll - fed machines.
Unit packages: 10 l, 200 l or larger on request

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