Efficient agent for regeneration of gum packing and removing relief stamps. The preparation should be applied to damaged places and left before continuing printing. This saves time and allows immediate further printing. Used for any kinds of offset gum packing.

Unit package: 250 g - metal bottle


The paste containing active dissolving substances for efficient cleaning of printing rollers of dried, hardened layer of ink and vegetable varnish. As the preparation is very efficient it is perfect for a quick switch of colours from dark into light ones. If applied regularly, guarantees that the rolls will long preserve their velvet surface.

Unit package: 1 kg - metal box


Oil - based agent refreshing lightly dried offset and typographic inks after longer standstill periods. Sprayed on ink rollers and gum dressings refreshes the ink, hampers its set - off and drying in the areas where ink is not transmitted and prevents from paper web tearing in the initial phase of printing.

Unit package: 400 ml - aerosol can


Antistatic spray for spraying parts of printing or bookbinding machines, which due to collection of electrostatic charges hamper production cycle. Suitable for any surfaces. After application makes an antistatic layer. It does not harm machine parts and is inactive for skin. The preparation may be safely applied directly onto working material.

Unit package: 400 ml - aerosol can


Silicone in the form of spray designed for finishing prints and used in the printing machines department. After spraying it forms a slippery, antistatic and anticorrosion protective layer. It may be used as a separating agent for gum dressing, cutter knives, plate coating, die cutters etc.

Unit package: 400 ml - aerosol can

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