Papers and calibrated films are used for obtaining most optimum pressing while printing between plate cylinder and gum cylinder. The application of calibrated bases guarantees obtaining uniform thickness at all their layer.


Self - adhesive coating film serves as the base for plate cylinder. Calibrated film is not used under gum dressing. Has stable sizes, is resistant to swelling caused by washing agents, does not crease and does not relocate while machine is running. To obtain a better ink adhesion due to longer machine standstills, it is recommended to mount the film for the night. It is cut straight from the roll to obtain a required size of 1300 mm - width.

Available thickness in mm: 0.10; 0.12; 0.14; 0.16; 0.18; 0.20; 0.25; 0.28; 0.30; 0.35; 0.40; 0.45; 0.50
Unit package: 10 m - roll of 1300 mm width


They are two - sided self adhesive tapes of transparent film or foam of equal thickness at the whole surface. Designed for individual mounting gum and photopolymer matrices printing on cylinders in flexographic printing. They also serve as a base in creasing and levelling the thickness of matrix by the thickness of tape. Characterised by strong sticking force, which is the reason why the matrix does not change its location while printing. After sticking to the cylinder it is possible to unstick and correct the placement of the tape. After demounting they leave no trace of glue.
Available types: 4310 PVC film
4320 MOPP film
4330 MOPP film
4340 PE foam
4355 PE foam
- thickness 0.1 mm
- thickness 0.2 mm
- thickness 0.3 mm
- thickness 0.4 mm
- thickness 0.55 mm
width 310 mm
width 310 mm
width 310 mm
width 310, 455 mm
width 300 mm
Unit package: 4.5 m or 25 m - a roll

  • CALIBRATED PAPER of German company ERNST MARKS GmbH & Co KG

Installed as a base for gum dressing or offset plates. Stable surface stability. Every thickness of individual sheets is marked with different colours by the producer:
0.05 mm
0.10 mm
0.15 mm
0.20 mm
0.25 mm
0.30 mm
0.40 mm
0.50 mm
- white
- cream
- yellow
- green
- orange
- lemon
- blue
- grey

Basic formats in mm:
Unit package:
795 x 1030, 595 x 730, other formats available against order
50 to 500 sheets depending on the thickness - cardboard packaging

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