Tapes designed for perforating, cutting or creasing paper sheets or carton sheets directly in printing offset machine, while printing. Sheet processing takes place through interaction of tapes and offset gum stuck to impression cylinder and to a sheet located in between them. They can be positioned in any direction - horizontally, vertically or obliquely.
Perf - Offset tapes facilitate and hasten production, enable performance of all the operations on the spot, without the need to have it done by a bindery. They are very easy and effective in use. They are used for all papers of maximum G.S.M. 250 g/m2 and cartons to 300 g/m2. They are fitted for all kinds of offset machines, both one - and multicolour ones, they maximum printing run is up to 50,000 sheets. The concentration of teeth on perforating tape: 8, 12, 16 teeth an inch.

Unit package: 12.5 m - box

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